9. Future Direction

In this final section, we outline some of the future development plans for NetMind Power and the potential impact the platform could have on the AI landscape.

  1. Platform Enhancements

We are committed to continuous improvement and expansion of the platform, with plans to support more machine learning frameworks, enhancements to security and privacy mechanisms, and overall performance and scalability improvements. These enhancements will enable the platform to cater to a wider range of AI applications and users, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of cutting-edge AI technology.

  1. Community and Ecosystem

A core aspect of our growth strategy involves expanding the NetMind Power community and fostering a thriving ecosystem. This will be achieved through providing the means for users to train models on the platform and publish them for public community usage.

  1. Decentralized Pricing

We intend to decentralize the pricing mechanism in the platform, giving providers of computing power the ability to set their own pricing for usage of their machines. The Volunteer Computing network can dynamically adjust prices based on demand, availability of resources, and other market factors

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